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Agave americana variegata medio-picta alba This variant is a quite compact form of Agave Americana, staying under three feet in height. It has beautiful recurved leaves that are blue in color, and each leaf has a wide, creamy-white center stripe that runs throughout its entire length. This is a beautiful and popular plant that stays under control in the landscape. This Agave is also very ornamental in a specimen pot, as well as making a stunning statement in any landscape situation. Agave Americana Variegata Medio-Picta Alba
Agave Americana variegata medio-picta aurea - This is a great companion plant for Agave Americana. It grows with the same form and has the same blue leaves as the species, except that each leaf has a center stripe like Agave americana variegata medio-picta alba. But this one has a bright yellow stripe instead of white!  Agave americana variegata medio-picta aurea will occasionally throw off a striated offset that is quite different from the parent, but the pup can be equally as beautiful as the medio-picta form!  This species also plays well off a companion planting with Agave americana variegata medio-picta alba.  It is hard to decide which is the more beautiful of the two! Try them both and decide for yourself! Agave Americana Variegata Medio-Picta Aurea
Agave Americana variegata medio-picta ‘Lemon-Lime’ - This newly sported-out cultivar will be a big hit in the collector market, as well as being a landscaping knockout!  It has a similar appearance to the other Agave americana variegata medio-picta clones, but this stable variant has a chartreuse center stripe!  This might just be one of the most beautiful of all of the Agaves!   Most special; the epitome of understated elegance!  Plus it is easy to grow and relatively fast! Agave Americana Variegata Medio-Picta 'Lemon-Lime'
Agave Angustifolia Variegata Marginata
Agave Applanata Variegata
Agave Aurea
Agave Bracteosa
Agave Bracteosa Variegata  'Monterrey Frost'
Agave Colorata
Agave Decipiens
Agave Desmettiana Variegata Marginata
Agave Felgeri
Agave Filifera
Agave Guiengola
Agave Guiengola Variegata  'Creme Brulee'
Agave Havardiana
Agave Kichiokan Marginata
Agave Lophantha 'Splendida'
Agave Lophantha Variegata 'Quadricolor'
Agave Macroacantha
Agave Montana
Agave Murpheyi
Agave Murpheyi Variegata Marginata
Agave Nizandensis
Agave Ornithobroma
Agave Palmeri
Agave Parrasana variegata 'Fireball'
Agave Parryi 
Agave Parviflora
Agave Petrophila
Agave Potatorum Variegata 'Snowfall'
Agave Schottii 
Agave Shrevei ssp
Agave Sisalana Medio Picta Aurea
Agave Sobria ssp Frailensis
Agave Striata subspecies Stricta
Agave Titanota
Agave titanota 'F.O.'76'  - This cultivar got it's name from a clone which was selected from the plants grown from a batch of seed of Agave titanota collected by Felipe Otero, in the year 1976, from a specific location.  This clone of Agave titanota is one of the most bizarre and sought after Agaves. The plant develops into a striking smaller-sized agave that grows slowly to form a 2’, very compact ball looking for all the world like a head of lettuce from Mars! It has broad, relatively short, grey-green leaves with a reddish-brown terminal spine and large recurved teeth along the leaf margins that emerge a spectacular golden color and age to a gray-white. The leaf margins themselves age to the same color as the spines which gives this plant a very distinctive look. It is a very nice landscape plant and its smaller size also makes it attractive as a potted accent plant for the patio. Agave Titanota 'F.O. '76'
Agave Toumeyana
Agave Utahensis Subspecies Utahensis
Agave Utahensis Variety Nevadensis
Agave Vilmoriniana
Agave X Celsii Multicolor
Agave X 'Desert Rose'
Agave X 'Dianita'
Agave X 'Ferdinand-Regis'
Agave X 'Leopoldii' (Form #1)
Agave X 'Leopoldii' (Form #2)
Agave X 'Leopoldii Variegata 'Hammertime' '
Agave X 'Royal Spine'
Agave X 'Sharkskin'
Agave X 'The Ghostly One'
Agave X 'Unknown (Affinity Agave Colorata)'
Aloe Glauca
Aloe Jacunda
Aloe X 'Lavender Star'  (Griffin Hybrid)
Aloe X 'Blue Elf' (Hybrid)
Aloe X 'Bright Ember'   (Griffin Hybrid)
Aloe X 'Bright Star'  (Griffin Hybrid)
Aloe X 'Cha Cha'
Aloe X 'Christmas Carol'  (Griffin Hybrid)
Camera Icon Aloe Ciliaris
Aloe X 'Coral Fire'  (Griffin Hybrid)
Aloe X 'Doran Black'  (Wright Hybrid)
Aloe X 'Fang'  (Griffin Hybrid)
Aloe X 'Firebird'  (Lyons Hybrid)
Aloe X 'Grassy Lassie'
Aloe X 'Green Sand'  (Griffin Hybrid)
Aloe X 'Hot Stuff'
Aloe X 'Krapohliana Hybrid' (Weisel Hybrid)
Aloe X 'Lime Fizz'
Aloe X 'Little Gator' (Griffin Hybrid)
Aloe X 'Lizard Lips'
Aloe X 'Mary Cooper'
Aloe X 'Moondance'  (Griffin Hybrid)
Aloe X 'Mr.  Purple People Eater'  (Hybrid)
Aloe X 'Neon Lights'  (Griffin Hybrid)
Aloe X 'Pearl Necklace'  (Griffin Hybrid)
Aloe X 'Pepe'
Aloe X 'Peppermint'  (Griffin Hybrid)
Aloe X 'Pink Blush'  (Griffin Hybrid)
Aloe X 'R.F.G.'  (Griffin Hybrid)
Aloe X 'Rich' (Griffin Hybrid)
Aloe X 'Sean Red'  (Griffin Hybrid)
Aloe X 'Silver Star'  (Griffin Hybrid)
Aloe X 'Sparkling Burgandy'
Aloe X 'Sunrise'  (Griffin Hybrid)
Aloe X 'Viper'
Aloe X 'Walmsley's Bronze'  (Hybrid)
Aloe X 'Walmsley's Blue'  (Hybrid)
Aloe X 'White Lightning'  (Griffin Hybrid)
Gasteraloe X 'Midnight'  (Griffin Gasteria X Aloe Hybrid)
Calibanus Hookeri
Hesperaloe Parviflora
Hesperoyucca Whipplei
Yucca Brevifolia
Yucca Filamentosa 'Color Guard'
Yucca Linearifolia
Yucca Rostrata




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